Animation Production

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20 years is a long time, but that's how long we've been making animation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.  If you count our experience years, that's a long time we've been making animation successfully for corporate clients.    We've animated just about type of animation-  from cells to stop-motion to Computer animation.   We're primarily 3d computer animation now.   It's fast, looks good, and fits well in our modern, "I need it yesterday" business climate. Give us a call, we'll show you how easily animation can be done.

Why animation?  It's eye catching, for ONE.  Seeing something move, that  doesn't normally move, or moves in an abnormal way gets your attention fast.  TWO, sometimes 'making a video', just isn't enough to show a complex process or machine.  You can't show the inside, you can't show it's working parts or concepts.   THREE, some times it's so complex, you look at that video and can't figure out just what the heck is going on. A clever animation can show just the important bits, or emphasize just the bits that are important. FOUR, animation can last for a long time.  Hair styles, clothing styles, film styles come and go; animation goes on forever.  FIVE, sometimes what you want to show doesn't even exist!  It's just a idea, a cad/cam drawing or concept.